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Learn How To get of Cellulite at Home for free – 9 Secret Tricks that works

Now on sale, you can find a lot of very effective cosmetic anti-cellulite with 100% results, many of which most of us, alas, can not afford. Do not worry, I assure you, there are many natural resources that you can make yourself at home from herbs and natural products (even i still recommend proven cosmetic anti-cellulite – actually u can get for free – 100% Free Trial offers) that may be less effective than expensive drugs:

1) One of the most famous of natural anti-cellulite – it is the honey. Many have heard about the magical «honey» wraps, I want to dwell more on the honey massage. Apply to problem areas of a thin layer of honey and light movements davite palms on the surface of the skin. Do not make sudden movements and pat, as in this case, the procedure can be very painful, and capillaries polopayutsya! Your movements will create a kind of “vacuum effect”, then continue until the honey does not meet you in his hands and becomes greyish color, which means that it stretched from the slag and the body fat. The whole procedure will take 10-15 minutes, after wash away the remains of honey with warm water, you notice that your skin will become smooth, soft and smooth.

2) It is also very useful in the fight against cellulite bath with sea salt. Recommended that a minimum of 1 session per week. Fill the bathtub with warm water (water should not be hot, but nice body of about 37 C) and dissolve in 500 g of sea salt. Length of bathing for 15 minutes.

3) Bath with natural clay – has purifying properties that returns the skin fresh and elastic, it removes toxins, relieves fatigue and hearty. To receive a bath, you will need: White or blue clay about 500 g. Nasypte it in the bathtub with warm water and Lie 15 minutes, after which opolosnites shower. It is also very useful for wrapping with clay, as they contribute to burning of fatty deposits. About 500 grams of clay are divorced miniralnoy water to the consistency of sour cream and apply it thick on problem areas, the top Wrap the foil and muffled blanket, wash away after 30 minutes. To achieve the effect must be at least 10 procedures with pereodichnostyu through the day.

4) pack of coffee, too, gives an amazing result, the skin becomes soft and velvety. Cook in Turkish coffee, drink, and the remainder guschu rub in the problem space of 20 minutes.

5) For the treatment of cellulite good apple vinegar helps. Apple vinegar разводят water in a ratio of 1:1. You can add a few drops of essential oil such as lemon or orange, put the mixture on the skin, Wrap the foil and the food go about their business 30-40 minutes, then opolosnites shower.

6) dramatic results in the fight against cellulite can be accomplished using conventional potatoes! To do this you need to clean the potatoes, cut into circles and put on the problem space, then cover with plastic bags and leave about half an hour (potato improves vnutrekletochny exchange, resulting in markedly reduced cellulite). Repeat the procedure need as often as possible.

7) Mix the butter with a lean ginger powder and rub into problem areas. After the massage, be sure to wash your hands – Ginger searing spice. Instead, increases blood circulation and metabolism, which is necessary in stagnant areas, where blood, without such aid does not break.

8) A very effective means of popular anti-cellulite, which works wonders – it is tea leaf manzhetki ordinary. For this teaspoon of crushed leaves manzhetki ordinary fill the glass of boiled water, let this 30 – 40 minutes, then strain and drink for a quarter cup four times a day before meals. This medicine will contribute to the disappearance of cellulite and stretch marks, skin will be beautiful, velvet.

9) A good help in the fight against cellulite providing essential oils. Antetsellyulitnoe tool based on essential oils you can cook yourself. So, prepare aromatic blend for cellulite treatment (here the proportion of 100 ml).
You will need:
• evergreen cypress essential oil – 2 mL
• essential oil of lemon – 2 mL
• essential oils of cedar – 2 mL
• sage essential oil – 2 mL
• eucalyptus essential oil – 2 mL
• hazelnut butter – 90 ml.
All the oil mix in a dark glass bottle and shake it well. Mix 5 drops from the mixture with 50 ml of olive oil and rub this mixture into the problem space 2-3 times a day. Store the mixture in a dark cool place.

All the method above may don’t work well. if You are looking for 100% Results we would recommend tested proven “How to get rid of Cellulite in a 72 hours. READ MORE HERE

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