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Save The Children! Jon And Kate’s 8 Act Up!


Those poor kiddies!

Since announcing their divorce, Jon and Kate Gosselin have set a perfect example for a disastrous break-up!

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Constant bickering, blame and dirty laundry airing have left those eight kids ready to call Social Services!!!

“They are confused and distraught and are acting out all the time in an effort to get attention from their parents,” divulged a source.

And neither parent is making it any easier on them!

Although Kate is technically with them more, she doesn’t spend time with them as her patience has run out!

“She barely talks to them,” said a confidant of Kate’s. “The nannies are doing 95 percent of the work. Kate has a short attention span, and everything upsets her.”

That’s something you should have thought about BEFORE having 8 childrenz!!!

Well, we all know the situation with Jon and his lack of fatherly skills – to say the least!

“He can’t stay at home with them,” said a source of the douchey patriarch. “He gets annoyed when they interrupt him when he’s on the phone.”

Someone needs to rescue those poor kids!

Calling Aunt Jodi!!!

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